About Swim Meets

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Each season, JSL teams swim scored dual meets against each team in their division and one or two unscored meets with teams outside their division. Key West swims in Division Two of the JSL-. We swim a total of six regular-season meets and we participate in "Champs" against all the teams in the JSL. (A swimmer must compete in at least two regular-season meets to be eligible to swim at Champs.)

Swim meets can be long affairs; swimmers are expected to report to the pool by around 4:30 for home meets and 4:45 for away meets, in order to warm up and get organized. Meets begin at 6 and usually end no later than 10:30 pm (they will end earlier than 10:30 if the teams involved are small). Rain and thunder does NOT automatically cancel a meet; if possible, meet officials will wait out the bad weather rather than reschedule the meet. 

The meet schedule is available here. Meet results are posted here usually within 48 hours of a meet.

Please note: our coaches have to submit their meet entries each week on Monday morning. PLEASE let the coaches know if your swimmer will NOT be attending a meet by SUNDAY before the meet. If a swimmer becomes ill or injured prior to a meet, please send word to the coach (and meet duty coordinator if applicable) through another parent. Unexpected absences can affect relays and exhibition opportunities for other swimmers.